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Nintendo Patents Game Boy Emulation For Use In Mobile Devices, In-Flight Entertainment

Nintendo Patents Game Boy Emulation For Use In Mobile Devices, In-Flight Entertainment appeared first on TechCrunch

A new patent published by the USPTO yesterday details an invention by Nintendo that would allow it to emulate its mobile game consoles, including the Game Boy line of devices specifically, in other settings, including on seat-back displays in airplanes and trains, and on mobile devices including cell phones. The patent is an updated take on an older piece of IP, so it’s not an entirely new idea, but it’s still very interesting to consider that Nintendo could have renewed interest in the idea of running its own back catalogue on many different kinds of screens.

The patent talks specifically about emulation, which is the technique by which a hardware platform is mimicked by a software application on a different type of hardware, in order to run versions of the games for said platform without requiring either the console itself, or physical cartridges. Generally, it’s been used by fan communities to play their favourite games of old on PCs, Macs and mobile devices, but in this patent Nintendo details using it for its own legitimate, licensed distribution of software.

Already, Nintendo emulates some of its past console titles on newer systems, providing access to SNES, NES and Game Boy classics on the Wii, Wii U and 3DS. This patent would see it expand those offerings to a range of devices, including potentially smartphones. Many have called for the company to consider making its signature titles available on smartphone devices as a way to shore up struggling hardware sales, but thus far the company has seemed reluctant to the idea. Lately, it has been offering spin-off games from the Pokémon series on iPhone and iPad, but it has yet to provide full ports, as Square-Enix has with the Final Fantasy series, for instance.

Emulators on iOS generally get shut down as soon as the Apple review team is made aware of their function, so a legitimate offering from Nintendo on the platform would likely be met with huge consumer interest. Again, though, Nintendo has laid down patents around this general concept in the past, so its interest in protecting IP on the matter doesn’t necessarily indicate any desire to explore product offerings in the area.

A is for Alpha or A is for Apple?

A is for Alpha or A is for Apple? appeared first on DiscountCell Reviews.

Hot on the tail of the iPhone 6 release, is the potential of Samsung’s latest offerings. With the Samsung Galaxy Alpha making a few appearances in news feeds lately, there’s a lot of speculation as to just what the new device has to offer.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Specifications Leaked
Earlier this year we started hearing rumors that Samsung is working on a device with a metal body. The company has always stuck with plastic for its flagship Galaxy S series and this rumor led many to believe that perhaps this year the company might stray from tradition. It did not and then we started to hear about a completely different device that was supposedly made out of metal.

Specifications are yet to be confirmed. However, the look and feel of the new Galaxy Alpha with its metal casing will spark a lot of interest, I’m sure. Something a little different from the norm. Here’s an article with a few more images to wet your appetite.

Additional Samsung Galaxy Alpha Photos Surface

A couple of days ago, alleged photos of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Alpha were leaked online. The photos showed off the metal frame of the handset and if you were hoping to see more images, thanks to a recent series of posts by @culeaks, additional photos of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Alpha have leaked online.

It looks attractive from what you can see. We’ll have to wait for the official promotions, but until then, here’s a video as to what consumers are hoping for.

It really is thin! Samsung have been listening to consumers requirements and incorporated them into the design.

So have Apple taken too long to release their next cell phone? With the constant release of Android phones, could this really have an impact on sales for the iPhone 6. I guess we’ll know come September time.

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Enjoy Physics with Angry Birds Stella!

Enjoy Physics with Angry Birds Stella! appeared first on DiscountCell Reviews.

We’ve not really talked about game apps for some time now, and with the launch of the new Angry Birds Stella only a matter of weeks away, we thought right now would be appropriate. September 4th should be when the next part of the phenomenally successful franchise game hits the app stores and here’s a post with a featured trailer to give you a taster.

Angry Birds Stella Trailer Now Available
Angry Birds Stella, a new game from Rovio that will be part of the phenomenally successful Angry Birds franchise, was first announced in February earlier this year, with an announcement in June that the game will finally be made available to the masses from September 2014 onward.

We all know how addictive Angry Birds can be to all ages. Parents and children are in competition with each other to get to the next level, making it a household topic of interest. Not to mention, it is actually of educational value. Here’s how…

A lesson in physics while playing a game! Clever. You can also see why it’s so addictive with the instant gratification. You complete something and then move onto the next. With the constant release of a new version of the game, you are left thirsty for more.

Top Five Addictive Angry Birds Games by Rovio – MMORPG News
The fact is that Rovio has built an empire of Angry Birds, and it is expanding: Angry Birds Transformers will be coming soon since the Transformers: Age of Extinction movie has swept the globe. The female-oriented Angry Birds Stella should follow later …and more »

We hope everyone has their phone chargers at the ready, as we can see that copious amounts of time will be spent glued to our cell phones. Enjoy your physics lesson everyone.

Samsung is Color Clever

Samsung is Color Clever appeared first on DiscountCell Reviews.

Have you been keeping a close eye on a potential launch date for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4? Looks like you may not have to wait much longer as there are whispers of a very early September date making the rounds.

Samsung could launch Galaxy Note 4 on September 3: Here’s all you need to know
Samsung’s presence at IFA guarantees one thing, at least based on their past experience at the event. In all likelihood, Berlin will be where Samsung will unveil the much-anticipated Galaxy Note 4. And according to a report in Korea Times, the date of the announced will be September 3 before IFA even kicks off.

Is the next smartphone battle about to commence? The iPhone 6 release isn’t too far behind so it’s all heating up. The Apple/Samsung competition is always an interesting one to watch. Advertising campaigns are emerging from all angles, and consumers are engulfed with a frenzy of technology.

Billboards will be plastered and magazines and newspapers full of advertising. Maybe Samsung will use some of their color changing billboards to persuade consumers to buy their latest devices.

Color-Changing Billboards Correspond with Weather to Influence Emotions – PSFK
Color-Changing Billboards Correspond with Weather to Influence Emotions. If you’ve ever felt blue, seen red or been tickled pink, you know that color is closely linked to our emotions. Samsung wants to prove this with a series of interactive billboards that change color according to the weather.

I wonder if they do, and if you’re in a sunnier place in the world, there would be in increase in sales. The color having an impact on the viewers emotions. An interesting and clever way of advertising perhaps?

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Babies and iPads!

Babies and iPads! appeared first on DiscountCell Reviews.

It’s not such a shock these days when you see a child with a cell phone. In previous years a youngster with an electronic device such as a phone or a tablet may have raised a few eyebrows. Now they are accepted as an educational tool and more and more parents are being encouraged to let their children get involved in technology. Even at 2 years old!

That is super cute, and demonstrates how parents and children can interact together in learning. Samsung has it’s own Kids Store which includes an array of fun and educational apps. I’m sure the kid in that video would love these…

Updated Samsung Kids Store now offers over 900 apps for children
Samsung has announced an update to their Kids Store, found on select devices. Now with more than 900 interesting, educational and fun child friendly apps. Check it out on your Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Tab S.

With all of these applications available, is it putting pressure on parents to spend more money, so that their child can keep up to date with the latest releases?  There are many free apps out there that kids love too. Here’s a demonstration:-

So this video was made back in September 2013, and one can only imagine that there are so many more available free apps on the market, for kids to get engrossed in. Technology is proving to be an impressive way of developing the mind of a child at a young age. As long as there’s a balance with using electronic devices and physical activity, then we have a generation of very intelligent children emerging.

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President Unlocks Our Phone Jail Cells

President Unlocks Our Phone Jail Cells appeared first on DiscountCell Reviews.

You’re approaching the end of your cell phone contract and you’re someone who takes care of their technology. Your phone, once you remove the protective case is pretty much like new because you’ve taken all precautions to keep it safe. You’ve still got a great device in your hand, and it does all the things that you want it to do, the only problem is, your network carrier doesn’t and you’re stuck with a locked phone that you can only use if you re-new your existing contract. Well things may be changing…

President Obama To Sign Bill That Makes Cellphone Unlocking Legal
Back in 2013, there was a brief period in time in which unlocking your cellphone would be considered an illegal act. This is because a provision in the Digital Millenium Copyright Act had lapsed, although thankfully there are some in the government who worked swiftly to address that issue.

More flexibility and choice in today’s technology seems to be overwhelming for some if you’re not tech savvy. Unlocking phones being seen as something no longer frowned upon can only be a good thing. It means that those people who still have a healthy, happy cell at the end of their contract can shop around and look for something more competitive. Not everyone wants to upgrade their phone all the time. Many people are happy and familiar in the way that their existing device works, they just want to be able to obtain better value for money when the time comes from their carrier.

5 years in jail and half a million dollars! That’s certainly not a risk worth taking. However, people do take risks and it will be nice to finally think that the chance of being punished for a ‘crime’ that really should not be seen as one, and just a matter of consumer rights, is now being addressed and rectified.

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Apple 4k Desktop Whispers

Apple 4k Desktop Whispers appeared first on DiscountCell Reviews.

Over the past few months the 4K tv has been on everyone’s “wish list” despite the expense. Living in the highest definition, digital world, has been the appeal to consumers and Apple have made sure they have a shot at the market, reportedly working on a 4K desktop.

Apple Reportedly Preparing 4K Desktop And 12-Inch MacBook For October Release
We expect to see a lot of interesting new products from Apple this fall, primarily new iPhones and iPads. There’s been chatter about new Macs as well and a report published today claims that this October the company is going to release a 12-inch MacBook as well as a 4K desktop.

With the up and coming release of their new iPhone 6 and 12 inch MacBook, this addition to their products will surely keep Apple in the technology headlines, together with the holiday shopping appeal for its potential release in October. Now who wouldn’t want one of those for Christmas!

Apple’s Busy Year-End Could Include A Fitness Wearable, 12″ Retina MacBook … – TechCrunch
It makes sense, then, that Apple is also rumored to be introducing new 4K-capable desktop hardware at the same time, in the form of either an iMac or a standalone Thunderbolt display.

We don’t like to mention the ‘C’ word in July, but in the technology world it’s the topic of conversation. Obviously the holiday season is when the big bucks exchange hands. The ‘technology kings’ rub their hands together as they see the dollars roll in, but with the price tags attached to these devices, we need to, as consumers, start saving that money to acquire what we desire.

Here’s a bit of a throwback video from 1988, demonstrating up and coming technology.

Check out that laptop! It’s hard to digest just how far we have come with our technology. Not to mention the laptop. So is it to early to start perusing what’s available for the holiday season? Do you already have your eye on the latest up and coming release? December will be here before you know it, together with the latest shopping frenzy!


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Will Sony Be Doing Itself An Injustice?

Will Sony Be Doing Itself An Injustice? appeared first on DiscountCell Reviews.

The iPhone 6 gossip is making the rounds again and the latest article to attract attention is all about the devices camera spec. Firstly, a speculated 13-megapixel sensor in comparison to the iPhone 5′s 8-megapixel, shows a promising sign of improvement for those keen to use their smartphone for photography. Here’s and article with a little more information:-

iPhone 6 Said to Feature Sony’s 13-Megapixel Exmor IMX220 Camera Sensor Apple’s iPhone 6 could feature Sony’s Exmor IMX220 camera sensor, according to a post on Chinese Sony enthusiast forum Digi-Wo (Google Translate, via G for Games). The Exmor IMX220 features a 13-megapixel, 1/2.3” sensor and can record videos in 1080p. The sensor would also be a sizable improvement over the camera currently in the iPhone 5s, which uses an 8-megapixel, 1/3.2” sensor.

With the advances in the iPhone camera technology will Sony do itself an injustice causing the iPhone to steal the Xperia Z3′s thunder?

Xperia Z3 Looks Like It’s Already Here! Has everyone been keeping an eye on the Sony Xperia Z3?  It seems that there are some leaked images making an appearance at the moment, together with speculation that the new model is going to make the Z2 outdated after just a matter of months of its release.

So how important is camera spec to consumers? What’s the difference between Android and iPhones? How can you decide what your next upgrade is going to be?

Personally, the camera is important to me when I purchase a new phone. Gone are the days when I took my compact camera out with me in my purse, enabling me to shoot should the opportunity arise. Having a great camera on my smartphone means I’m ready at all times and I have to say has produced some pretty great results.

Sony in particular are a favorite, and so both devices will be giving each other a run for their money in the ever changing smartphone wars.

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Are You in the ‘Land of Confusion’ with Tablets?

Are You in the ‘Land of Confusion’ with Tablets? appeared first on DiscountCell Reviews.

If you are technology savvy and know pretty much all you need to know about tablets, then you may find this article a little basic. However, there are many people out there who are still in the ‘Land of Confusion’ when it comes to these devices. The basic concept has been grasped – what exactly a tablet is and what it does, and we’ll go as far as to say that the temptation is there to make a purchase, but where to start! First things first, let’s take a look at some comparisons.

2014 Tablet Comparison Guide

Not much has changed since the last time we compared the top tablets, but with Samsung’s second wave of 2014 high-end Galaxy Tabs hitting store shelves, why not see how the landscape has shifted? 

There are a number of factors to consider when purchasing a tablet. Size, weight, speed, price (of course) and even what color you want to make a statement with. From something bold and bright, to a device that’s standard in black or grey.

A useful guide for choosing a tablet. In particular, the suggestion about watching videos or visiting the store to check out the particular model you are interested in. You’re spending your precious money, so it’s important to do your research and make sure you buy the device that’s right for you. Check out the tablet accessories available too. You’ll discover a new passion for “technology shopping” with all the little add-ons that are available. Here’s one I find particularly appealing for those long road trips:-

Universal Tablet Headrest Mount Review
If you’ve ever taken a long road trip with kids, you know how long every unoccupied hour can be.  Fortunately, tablets and smartphones have made these trips easier by providing entertainment during long rides.

I don’t have kids, but I’m often a passenger, and a little entertainment on a 5 hour drive to the South would be welcomed with open arms.

Make purchasing your technology fun! Do your research, know your requirements and enjoy your new device and all it has to offer.

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Xperia Z3 Looks Like It’s Already Here!

Xperia Z3 Looks Like It’s Already Here! appeared first on DiscountCell Reviews.

Has everyone been keeping an eye on the Sony Xperia Z3?  It seems that there are some leaked images making an appearance at the moment, together with speculation that the new model is going to make the Z2 outdated after just a matter of months of its release.

With the HTC One and Galaxy S5 being the big phones that everyone seemed to be talking about, have Sony decided to have more frequent releases to try and keep in line with their competitors?

Is this our first look at the Sony Xperia Z3?

Sony has gone flagship mad lately, releasing a new one every six months or so, so it’s about time we caught a glimpse of the Sony Xperia Z3…and we might just have done that thanks to a leaked image.

With the iPhone 6 looming for release in October, could Sony beat Apple to it and release something that gets tongues wagging?

A great display of the capabilities of the new Z3 (not too keen on the techno music in the background though!) However, with it being on the ‘leak’ side of information, there’s still a lot of speculation and not too much fact! We’ll be watching this space to see what Sony have to say.