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Smart Samsung Technology – 10 Things to Avoid & 10 Smart Things to Do

 You can go out and buy that new  smartphone and  great new power saving samsung galaxy s3 battery, but that won’t make you a technology expert. You still need to learn smart tech maintenance processes. Even so, if you are of the older generation, gettting used to technology can be daunting. Just what are you supposed to do with this small phone, with that laptop? How do you make surfing faster? These are problems that face us all. The following article outlines the top 10 tech mistakes people have made over the last 10 years. You want to avoid these at all costs.

The 10 tech commandments to avoid digital shame

With the help of our readers and GuardianWitness, we’ve compiled some handy tips on how to avoid everlasting shame in the modern world.

But that doesn’t mean you have to be scared of your new Samsung mobile phone. Aside from being careful not to drop it, the only real issue you may have to face in the future is finding another great Samsung replacement battery, as these tend to wear out after a year or two.

That new smartphone is a masterpiece of high technology. It’s capabilities are more than you could imagine. In fact, most people don’t even know what their new mobile phones can really do. To help you better understand its full capability, we’ve listed a few of the wonderful capabilities of your  wondeful high-tech Samsung smartphone.


Ten of the Smartest Things You Can Do with your Smartphone

There are plenty of things you can do with your smart phone. Here are 10 of the smartest!


Bottom Line

A new Samsung smartphone can be a great addition to any non techies way of  life. It has so many amazing capabilities. You just need to read up on a few tips on caring for your new Samsung smartphone. Remember adapting to the world of technology doesn’t always mean buying the latest and greatest every year. It just means learning to care for the device you do have. It’s just a matter of using common sense and when needed buying a new Samsung mobile phone battery for your device.


iPad Air Belkin MultiTasker Cover Review

iPad Air Belkin MultiTasker Cover Review appeared first on DiscountCell Reviews.

iPad Air Belkin MultiTasker Cover Fast Facts:

To Purchase, click here:

Pro’s:  Genuine Leather, Professional look,very minimalistic design, secure fit, light weight.
Con’s:  No dust or dirt protection.
Recommendation:  The iPad Air Belkin MutliTasker Cover provides professional-looking protection and portability for the iPad Air.  However, if you plan on taking your tablet outside or are prone to dropping it you may want to go with more rugged case.

Manufacturer: Belkin
Dimensions: 17.8 cm (7 inch) x 24.8 cm (9 3/4 inch) x 2 cm (3/4 inch).
Price: $57.95 on

iPad Air Belkin MultiTasker Review

The iPad Air Belkin MultiTasker is an excellent accessory for use in the office.  Not only does the case’s all-leather,  slim-fitting design match your corporate style, but the 6 different viewing angles and built-in business card and stylus holders help you stay connected and productive throughout the day.


The iPad Air Belkin MultiTasker offers basic drop, scratch, and screen protection when closed.  The inside of the case is made out of a very soft velvety material that protects against scratches on the iPad’s screen and body.

iPad Air Belkin MultiTasker Case

Belkin MultiTakster Interior

However, one of the downsides of the iPad Air Belkin MutliTasker Cover is the fact that the case does not offer any screen protection when open.  To address this issue, I recommend pairing the iPad Air Belkin MutliTasker Cover with a good adhesive screen protector.

Also, the iPad Air Belkin MutliTasker Cover does not protect against dust or water damage regardless if the case is open or closed.


The iPad Air Belkin MutliTasker Cover includes several features to enhance the functionality of the iPad Air.

First, the iPad Air Belkin MutliTasker Cover has holes and access to all of the various ports, cameras, and buttons on the iPad Air.  To increase convenience even more, the case features two business card pockets.

In addition to working as a portfolio, the iPad Air Belkin MutliTasker Cover doubles as a viewing stand.  Once opened the case can be positioned in six distinct viewing angles.  Two rubber stoppers on the bottom of the tablet cradle ensure that the iPad stays in place while positioned in each angle.

iPad Air Belkin Multitasker Case

One of the Belkin MultiTasker’s 6 viewing angles.

Installation is very easy.  Simply snap the iPad Air into the tablet cradle inside the case and you are ready to go.  To remove the iPad Air, just bend the corners of the case back and the iPad Air will pop out.


The iPad Air Belkin MutliTasker Cover offers a professional look and increased functionality that are great for use in the office. However, if you are looking for more thorough protection to use your tablet outside, I recommend investing in either an OtterBox or LifeProof case.

For more information, visit

A lot has been happening in the smartphone world this week. First off, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is out on the market and looks pretty great so far:

Five reasons why the Galaxy S5 is worth an upgrade over the Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is out in the market, and while it’s not the revolutionary upgrade that many were hoping for, the combination of familiar design elements and new highlight functionalities is a formula that has worked for Samsung flagship devices for several years now. …

The new HTC One is also looking pretty fabulous, despite having a terrible camera:

HTC’s new One is a beautiful beast, a speed demon — but its camera stinks (review)

HTC fans have an underdog complex. Before Samsung’s Galaxy series became so prominent, HTC was the top Android manufacturer in the world. Last year’s One phone was a reminder of those heady days. …

The Ubuntu smartphone is back in the works:

The Ubuntu smartphone actually looks pretty great

It has been a long time since Canonical announced the Ubuntu Edge smartphone campaign on Indiegogo. It raised an incredible $12 million dollars, but — equally incredible — it still fell around $20 million short of its lofty goals. However, that didn’t derail Canonical’s agenda of bringing its desktop Linux OS, Ubuntu, to mobile devices. …

Amazon PhoneAnd finally, it looks like Amazon’s rumored phone will officially be announced in June:

Amazon’s smartphone may be announced in June

When Amazon got into hardware production, they started it with a unique business model: offer products for bottom-dollar prices, even if it costs the company money initially, and then turn a profit from the content that you sell. …

So if you’re in the market for a new smartphone, you’ve got a lot of options to choose from!

LG Flex OtterBox Commuter Case Review

LG Flex OtterBox Commuter Case Review appeared first on DiscountCell Reviews.

LG Flex OtterBox Commuter Fast Facts

Manufacturer: OtterBox
Dimensions: 16.5 cm (6 1/2 inch) x 9 cm (3 1/2 inch) x 1.5 cm (5/8 inch)
Price: $39.95 at


The LG Flex OtterBox Commuter case offers durable protection to the LG Flex without taking away from any of the phone’s features.  The LG Flex OtterBox Commuter features 2 layers of protection.

LG Flex OtterBox Commuter

The OtterBox LG Flex Commuter Case features two layers of protection.

First, the LG Flex is protected on all sides by a soft, shock-absorbent silicone layer.  Then, a durable yet flexible hard-plastic case adds additional structural support to the entire phone.

The most striking feature of the Commuter Case is the fact that it can still bend and flex with the LG Flex despite having two protective layers.

LG Flex OtterBox Commuter

The OtterBox LG Flex Commuter Case can “flex” along with the phone.

Also, while the LG Flex OtterBox Commuter offers access to all of the various ports, cameras, and buttons of the LG Flex, the case includes special doors and flaps to protect any ports or openings from dust and debris.

LG Flex OtterBox Commuter

The OtterBox Commuter offers full access to all of the LG Flex’s speakers, cameras, buttons, and ports.


While the LG Flex OtterBox Commuter does come with an adhesive screen protector, the case is not waterproof.  However, if water manages to get between the case and the phone, the phone can be easily removed before the water causes damage.

Also, the LG Flex OtterBox Commuter case does not come with a belt clip.  However, given the large size of the LG Flex, a belt clip would not be very practical as the phone is too big to carry comfortably on a belt.


The LG Flex OtterBox Commuter case provides quality light-weight, dual layer protection that can “flex” along with the phone.

The only downsides to the case are the fact that it is not waterproof and that it does not come with an included belt clip.

For more information, visit

LG Optimus Zone Accessories Review

LG Optimus Zone Accessories Review appeared first on DiscountCell Reviews.

The LG Optimus Zone is an Android-powered prepaid smartphone available from Walmart for $40.  While the phone does not come with the latest hardware or software, you do get a 3.2″ screen, Android 3.2.6, a decent camera, and 4 GB of storage.

At such a low price, it doesn’t make sense to invest in an expensive case.  Really anything more than $20 is too much, because at that point you’ve already paid for 50% of the cost of the phone. If you spend more than $20 on a case, It would almost be cheaper to just purchase a new phone if something were to happen.

The key to maximizing the value of your LG Optimus Zone is to purchase low cost accessories to complement your phone.  The following reviews several low cost LG Optimus Zone accessories to power up and protect your phone without breaking the bank.


The Lg Optimus Zone is compact yet relatively light weight.  The phone measures 4.04″ tall x 2.42″  wide x 0.47″ thick and only weighs about 3 ounces.

LG Optimus Zone Accessories

3 Low-Cost LG Optimus Zone Pouches

Because of the phone’s low cost and generic dimensions, an inexpensive pouch is a better option than a pricey custom fit case.

The right type of pouch depends on where you will be using your phone.  If you plan on using the LG Enact primarily indoors in an office setting, then we recommend using a leather case that provides a high level of protection while maintaining a professional appearance.

However, if your organization does a lot of field work and you are looking for more thorough protection, we recommend a more durable case like the Naztech Gladiator or the Nite Ize Cargo Clip Case.  Both of these cases are made out of thick, durable nylon canvas and are well suited for outdoor use.

The Naztech Gladiator is especially popular with law enforcement because it is available in 4 different colors and includes a heavy-duty belt clip that is perfect for police patrol belts.


Lg Optimus Zone Accessories

Two different charging options with micro-USB cables.

Perhaps the most important LG Optimus Zone accessories that you can buy for your organization are quality chargers.  The LG Optimus Zone is powered by a relatively weak 1540 mAh battery and needs to be recharged frequently. has over 50 different charging options available for the LG Optimus Zone starting at just $3.95.  Low cost per unit is especially important for purchasing officers who frequently have to replace chargers left behind by employees in hotel rooms and rental vehicles.


The LG Optimus Zone accessories reviewed in this article are perfect for use in government agencies and in large organizations because they provide high-quality function at low cost.

For more information, visit

Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories Review

Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories Review appeared first on DiscountCell Reviews.

Everyone is anxiously awaiting the release of the highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S5.  With a fingerprint scanner, heart-rate monitor, and built-in dust and water protection, there is a lot to look forward to.

However, while  the Samsung Galaxy S5 will guard against dust and water, it will not have any additional drop protection.  In order to keep your phone protected and working great for years (or at least until the Galaxy s6 is released), you need some quality Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories.

What Type of Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories Should I Get? has over 65 quality cases for the Samsung Galaxy S5.  However, which case you choose all depends on what you plan on doing with your Samsung Galaxy S5.

For example, if you just plan on using your Samsung Galaxy S5 indoors and want to protect against scratches and the occasional drop, then the Incipio NGP case is a good option.  The Incipio NGP (Next Generation Polymer) Case is a thin, flexible, silicon-polymer membrane that stretches over the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories

Incipio NGP Case

However, if you plan on using your Samsung Galaxy S5 outside, then you may want a little bit more rugged protection.  The Ballistic Tough Jacket Max and the OtterBox Defender both feature dual-layer shock protection and built-in screen protectors.

The first layer of protection is made out of shock absorbing silicon while the second outer layer is made out of a durable, rigid polycarbonate shell.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories

The Ballistic Tough Jacket Max (left) and the OtterBox Defender(right)

Charging Options

Also, when shopping for Samsung Galaxy S5 accessories, don’t forget to invest in a quality charger.  Note I said quality and not expensive.  A good charger should be reliable yet inexpensive, as chargers often get left behind in hotel rooms and rental vehicles. has over 50 different charging options available for the Samsung Galaxy s5, with the least expensive model priced at only $3.95.

For more information on these and other great Samsung Galaxy s5 Accessories, visit

Urban Armor Gear iPhone 5c Case Review

Urban Armor Gear iPhone 5c Case Review appeared first on DiscountCell Reviews.

Pro’s: Transparent, slim design, light-weight, included screen protector, durable drop protection, one solid piece.

Con’s: Industrial Look, no belt clip or holster.

Recommendation:  The Urban Armor Gear iPhone 5c case lets you protect your phone and keep your style.

Price: $29.95 from

Urban Armor Gear iPhone 5c Case Review

The iPhone 5c is the first and only iPhone available in 5 different colors.  Now for the first time, you can customize the color of your iPhone to fit your unique personality.

Unfortunately, displaying the color of your new iPhone 5c also means leaving your phone unprotected without a case.  This is a major problem because iPhones are notorious for breaking or cracking when dropped from even small heights.

Luckily, Urban Armor Gear created a solution with their new transparent case for iPhone 5c.

The Urban Armor Gear iPhone 5c case offers all of the quality drop protection found in previous  case designs while still allowing full visibility and display of the iPhone 5c’s unique color scheme.

The inner part of the case features a hexagonal pattern that creates little air pockets to protect the iPhone 5c from shock, impact, and other force damage.

Urban Armor Gear iPhone 5c Case

On the outside of the case, each of the four corners has additional silicon that act as bumpers.  Also, the clear polycarbonate case features a shock-absorbing design that adds to the case’s overall protection.

In addition to showing color, the Urban Armor Gear iPhone 5c case allows access to all of the iPhone’s speakers, cameras, ports, and buttons.  The touch screen is also fully accessible and uninhibited by side bumpers that often make it difficult to swipe on the screen from the sides and corners.

Urban Armor Gear iPhone 5c Case

Installation is also very easy.  Because the whole case is one solid piece, simply slide in the phone and it’s ready to go.


The Urban Armor Gear iPhone 5c case is a great option if you are looking for a solid, one-piece case that provides a high level of drop protection without covering up your phone’s unique color.

For more information, visit

LG Flex Accessories Review

LG Flex Accessories Review appeared first on DiscountCell Reviews.

Lg Flex Accessories Review

Put simply, the LG Flex is a big, flexible phone.  With its 6-inch screen, the LG Flex is almost as big as the Google Nexus 7 or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.  Also, the LG Flex is the first phone to offer a curved screen and a “flexible” bending design.

While the large, curved screen makes for an incredible mobile viewing experience and increased productivity, the phone is a little difficult to transport and is more vulnerable to drop, scratch, and other damage.

In order to find LG Flex accessories to protect your phone, you need something that is both large enough to fit the phone and flexible enough to maintain the phone’s unique curved profile., a Utah-based business dedicated to providing top-quality cell-phone and tablet accessories, has over 25 cases and over 50 charging accessories that are compatible with the LG Flex.

The following reviews DiscountCell’s LG Flex accessories catalog in general as well as highlights on several specific products.

LG Flex Cases

When shopping for LG Flex cases, the trick is to find a design that will both fit the LG Flex’s unique dimensions and bend and flex along with the phone.

Incipio has several cases that offer varying degrees of protection for the LG Flex.  However, while all of the featured Incipio cases fit the LG Flex’s unique dimensions and features, none of them have the ability to bend and “flex” with the phone.

LG Flex Accessories

Incipio LG Flex Cases

OtterBox, on the other hand, has released a version of their popular “Defender” series that both provides quality drop protection and bends with the LG Flex.

LG Flex Accessories

OtterBox LG Flex Case

For a full list of compatible LG Flex Accessories and cases, click here.

LG Flex Chargers

The LG Flex’s large size brings up a good question: should I buy a standard 1 amp phone charger or a larger 2 or 3 amp tablet charger?

For the most part, a higher amp means that your device will charge faster.  However, whichever option you choose, all of the chargers on have dual-protection to prevent over-heating and overcharging.

For a complete list of LG Flex Accessories and chargers, click here.


15 Years of Batteries4less – Battery Buzz Live Hangout started in 1999 as a way to save people money on their cell phone batteries.  Back then we were Cellphone Battery Warehouse and we worked out of a tiny home office.  Since then we have become an online leader and now carry many product lines – batteries for laptops, cordless phones, cameras, power tools and a bunch more.  It has taken a team for this family run business to survive in the competitive online world. We’ve had our challenges and we have plenty of stories to share.

Join us this Thursday, April 3rd at 11am PST for our next Battery Buzz Live Hangout on Google and take a look inside a successful online business.  You’re favorite battery source –

During this session of Battery Buzz Live, we will be sharing stories and experiences from our 15 years online.  Join founder and CEO, Coryon Redd, and B4L staff to hear about how we have fun while doing our best to make sure our customers are always happy.  Google Hangouts On Air are a great way for you to catch up with us.  Listen to our stories and chime in with your questions and comments.   You need to login with your Google+ account to send us your questions.   Although we are telling stories during this session of Battery Buzz Live, we are happy to take any of your questions about how to keep your phone or other devices powered up and running properly.


15 Years of Batteries4less – Battery Buzz Live Hangout first appeared on

Jaquet Droz Attributed with One of the Most Important Contributions to Robotics

jaquet drozThree centuries have passed, and still the works of one of the most artistic French innovators holds us just as memorized, as he did the royal courts of Europe in the 1700′s.  A writer, draughtsman and musician were his  electronic and computer contributions to the world. The most interesting of these, now is the writer, becuase then, as now, it can be programmed to produce a sentence in flowing script. This is a legendary automation and a precursor of the computer.


The Jaquet Droz Signing Machine Signs Papers Mechanically So You Don’t Have To

High above a scorched Earth, in a sleek yacht tethered to the tip of the Terra Two spindle, Chancellor Herman Worthy was doing paperwork. His cleaner bots were all asleep and his assistant, a lithe android build to look like a long-dead 2000s era actress, wa

Pierre Jaquet-Droz, a man born in the early 18th century was one of the first innovators of robotics, app design and innovation. A watch-maker by profession,  and while his watches are certainly of note, what makes this inventor so interesting was his hobby, that of building the animata dolls, and his invention of the automated signature maker, a device we could all use today.

Pierre Jaquet-Droz - History of Computers and Computing …

Pierre Jaquet-Droz. Pierre Jaquet-Droz was a celebrated Swiss watchmaker and mechanic from the 18th century, known for his elaborate watches and mechanical devicess in her charging case. It was good to be alone.

Final Thoughts

Most of us believe that computer technology and robotics is a modern day innovation. In reality, some of the worlds greatest thinkers have made contributions to robotics and computers with their innovations for hundreds and even thousands of years. In fact, many robotic history buffs suggest the beginnings of robotics go back to ancient mythology. The point is that all our modern innovation has it’s seeds sown in ancient history.